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Alok Kaushik



Alok Kaushik

Mumbai International School of Business (MISB) Bocconi
Bocconi University
Mumbai, India


Alok Kaushik
is currently pursuing Post Graduate Program in Business at MISB Bocconi, located in Mumbai, world’s only offshore presence of Bocconi University, Italy. Alok holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science, and has close to five years of work experience in ERP systems. During five years of professional experience, Alok has held titles such as Software Engineer, Product Specialist, ERP Consultant while working in multiple Finance and Supply Chain Management modules.

Major Field of Study: Business Administration

Research interests: Operations management, Strategy, P/PM approaches in multiple industries ( Basic Industries, related to - Economic and Industrial Development; Information Age Industries and Technologies), PM in global and multi-national contexts

PM World Internship Focus: PM World Library operations, P/PM resources in multiple industries, Major programmes and projects – Indian and Global

Alok may be contacted at er.alokkaushik@gmail.com

Start Date: January 2016            Complete Date: November 2016

170120 - Alok Kaushik completes Research Internship


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