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Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Dr. AzzeddineOudjehane Oudjehane

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane joined SAIT to teach in the BSc Construction Project Management program in 2012 and to develop applied and scholarly research opportunities meeting the needs of the construction industry in Alberta.  With over 20 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary projects in R&D, business innovation, market development and performance evaluation, Dr. Oudjehane works with various stakeholders from government and industry. He is also Principal of AZZO Consulting. He holds graduate degrees in both Applied Science and Business Administration.

With over 50 publications and presentations at international conferences, Dr. Oudjehane serves on various journal review committees and has chaired sessions at conferences. In 2014, Azzeddine was elected to the Board of Directors of the Alberta Chapter for Canada Green Building Council, where he leads the Green School Initiative. Over the past year, he has given talks and presentations on sustainability and innovation in construction project management.

Created August 2017

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