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Emmanuel Efe Uwaifo

Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Nigeria Flag
EmmanuelUwaifo Uwaifo

Engr. Emmanuel Efe Uwaifo holds a Master’s degree in Project Management Technology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Has over two decades of experience in complex project management in the oil and gas sector and extensive expertise in cloud systems architecture, Emmanuel Efe Uwaifo is the technological cornerstone of Pruudent Technologies. His track record of transitioning businesses from traditional to cloud-based systems reflects a deep-rooted understanding of innovative solutions in high-stakes environments. As Co-Founder and CTO, Emmanuel's role is pivotal in pioneering the AI-enabled hazard detection software that Pruudent Technologies champions, ensuring workplace safety through cutting-edge PPE detection technology. His prior role as Operations Manager at U5 Global Limited honed his skills in operational efficiency and process improvement, contributing to his acumen in managing Pruudent Technologies’s technical direction. With an AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate credential and a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Emmanuel's skills are instrumental in leading Pruudent Technologies’s mission to enhance workplace safety across manufacturing and construction industries. At Pruudent Technologies, Emmanuel’s vision is to integrate AI with safety management in real-time, a leap forward in operational safety protocols. His leadership is not just about deploying smart solutions but also about fostering an environment where safety is paramount and technologically enforced. As President, his strategic planning and policy development are key to aligning Pruudent Technologies's innovative approach with the economic and social well-being of Canadian workplaces, ultimately contributing to a safer, more compliant industry standard. He can be contacted at

Profile created 8 July 2024

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