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Mike Venter

Dallas, TX, USA
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MikeVenter Venter


Mike Venter is the CEO of RF Ops LLC, a Dallas based electronic engineering design house specializing in the design and development of turnkey modules, products and systems where RF wireless operation is an important part of the functionality. He was previously CEO and CTO of Nanoteq (Pty) Ltd, a South African company specializing in the design, development and supply of custom cryptographic security modules, products and systems.  Over the last ten plus years, Mike Venter became a specialist in building and managing strong technical development teams to facilitate the efficient design, development and supply of world-class custom embedded modules, products and systems from original idea to manufacture and operational deployment.

During his career he gained experience in the following roles:
  • Project officer in the Signal Corps of the South African National Defense Force, managing the development of a mobile Electronic Warfare system
  • Investigating the viability of video conferencing systems for Telkom, the telecommunication service provider in South Africa
  • Created and lectured a post graduate course in Image Processing at the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria
  • While working for Siemens in Munich, Germany developed software for Digital Telephone Exchanges
  • In various development positions were involved in the development of a data modem for HF radio channels and various cryptographic security products and systems for both commercial and government clients

Mike has a BSEE, MSEE (majoring in Telecommunication and Cryptography) and a PhD in Image Processing from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He can be contacted at

Created November 2014

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