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Prof Stewart Clegg

Sydney, Australia
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Prof StewartClegg Clegg

Stewart Clegg is a prolific writer and contributor of over 300 articles to top-tier journals and is the author or editor of over 60 books and hundreds of prestigious academic papers, several of which have won prestigious awards. His core interests are in social theory, power relations, organisations, and projects. He works in the School of Project Management and the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership at the University of Sydney. In the past he has been a professor at several other universities, including the University of New England, The University of St. Andrews, The University of Western Sydney, and the University of Technology Sydney, where he is an Emeritus Professor. Among his most recent books is Frameworks of Power (2023, 2nd edition). Prof Clegg can be contacted at

Profile created 10 June 2024

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