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Quentin Blanchard

Lille, France
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QuentinBlanchard Blanchard

Quentin Blanchard
is currently finishing his Master’s degree at SKEMA Business School in Project & Programme Management and Business Development.  He has a strong academic interest in the alternatives solutions to finance a project (Crowdfunding, backing, micro loan, etc.). In addition of this, he also spends a lot of time studying the different project management methods and the application of those latest ones in projects. About professional experiences, he is working on a project related to agronomy and the food industry. He started work in the petroleum industry and moved then to the agronomic industry. He works closely today in the bakery industry to develop the market and products. He also has some expertise in 3D printing.

Quentin is not only defined by professional experiences. He has several hobbies, including horse riding, scuba diving, surfing and playing guitar. He loves to travel the world (Congo, Angola, Thailand, EAU, etc.) and discover new fields.

Created 14 March 2018

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