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Samar Sherif Saleh

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SamarSherif Saleh Sherif Saleh

Samar Sherif is in her mid-age life; currently she is working as project quality coordinator in Siemens headquarter healthcare sector in Egypt.  Previously she worked at Siemens’ office in a children’s cancer hospital as a site service engineer. Meanwhile she was trying to discover the Egyptian employees’ attitude as it’s the most influential factor in her country for being known as a third world country. This causes her a frustration as she loves her country very much and feels jealous.

Project management plays a major role in countries’ development and progress.  Attitude from the employee + Professional practice of PM à successful employee + productivity increase.

As PM requires special qualities, which are not found in most of Egyptian employees, so if we tried to highlight those qualities and develop them in the employee, we will gain both successful employee and project productivity will increase.  Therefore, she started to study Project Management Professional (PMP®) at RITI, then got the PMP certification. So when she talks to someone about project management she would have some creditability. Samar wants to increase the community awareness of project management’s importance and its effect on the community, so she starts to write about it, hoping it will contribute to her community development.

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