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Yolanda Morgan-Davis

North Texas, USA
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YolandaMorgan-Davis Morgan-Davis

Life Purpose

Ms. Davis helps to create opportunities that will transform how students look and approach school and life, resulting in life-long learners and change agents in the community. As a trainer, Ms. Davis feels that there is a bridge between information and transformation.  In an academic setting through teaching, information is conveyed to students.  In a training session, students build upon their academic knowledge and are opened to transforming possibilities of what they can do and become.  This is where Ms. Davis greatest contribution comes in, when she can presents students with opportunities that connects with the fulfillment of their dream.

Professional Profile

The level of education of its citizens defines the economic strength of a country. Ms. Davis is committed to empowering young people to achieve superior performance with motivational messaging tools, inventive personal development resources and academic city tours to compete in a global society.  In 2000, The International NET XChange Group, a consulting, mentoring and college preparatory organization for youth between the ages of 11-18 was incorporated by Ms. Davis.  The organization addresses areas of social development to maximize personal growth and academic potential.

NET XChange Accomplishments
  • Coordinated the “Chicago Career Shadowing” tour with nine corporations, colleges and universities for youth between the ages of 15-18
  •  “Pathway to Freedom Traveling Exhibit” focusing on the Trail of Tears, Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights Movement ―  an exhibit for youth created by youth, parents and chaperones
  • Designed “Train2Serve” – Career readiness training for youth
  • Designed “Scholastic Marathon Training-Get Ready, Get Set Let’s Go – College-prep training for youth
  • Coordinated social skills training seminars for youth development
  • Established NETXC book club with youth facilitators — promoting reading, writing and vocabulary

While working to build a youth organization, I have held several successful positions in an effort to fulfill my career goals. My skills encompass the ability to manage projects from planning to completion, software and hardware installation, network conversion, multiple systems support (mainframes, client servers, PCs, laptops and mobile devices).

Career Accomplishments
  • Texas A & M Commerce, MBA; Texas Woman’s University, BS; PMP Certified
  • Shekinah Radiance Academy – Community Liaison
  • Allstate Insurance – IT Project Manager
  • Halliburton Company – Network Professional
  • Texas Instruments – IT System Administrator and Trainer
Educational, Certification and Professional Training

Texas A& M Commerce, Commerce, TX – MBA: Instructional Design Training Business Management Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX – BS: True Colors Certification Business Administration Project Management Professional DiSC Certification Foundation in Professional Ethics Training DeVos Urban Youth Leadership Training

Beyond the Open Door— To Servant Leadership

A servant leader requires a deep humility as well as a willingness to pour yourself into the good of others.  You get greatness out of people by expecting it from them.  In the words of Karen Pittman, “We must be able to undergird a sustained effort to bring all young people into the civil, social and economic arenas of their communities as lifelong learners, workers and change agents.” Ms. Davis encourages young people to become purpose-driven and balanced individuals in competence and conscience. 

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Created August 2017

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