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General Management Organizations

It is now recognized that program and project managers need to know and understand many general management approaches, concepts and topics.  These include strategic planning, leadership, communication, staffing and team building, and many other aspects of forming and leading organizations.  There are many general business and management professional bodies worldwide that provide information, education and certification on many general management topics.  A few of those professional bodies are identified here.






Canadian Institute of Management - Founded in 1942, the Canadian Institute of Management is a professional association, certification body and academic institute for managers and leaders. As a Federally Chartered not-for-profit organization, the Institute operates through 16 chapters across Canada and has provided management development and certification to over 80,000 managers since its founding. Home page at https://cim.ca/



Malaysian Institute of Management - Inaugurated as a voluntary society on 29 January 1966, the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) was incorporated as a limited company on 28 March 1975. As the national management organisation, MIM’s primary role is to promote management skills across Malaysia, exposing Malaysian companies to management best practice from all corners of the globe. It also acts as an important bridge between the private and public sectors. Independent, non-political and not-for-profit, MIM serves as a platform for the free exchange of management ideas and experience, bringing together managers and organisations from all walks of life. It is also a development centre, committed to enhancing and maintaining professional management standards. Home page: http://www.mim.org.my/



160629 - Olawale - NIM logoNigerian Institute of Management (NIM) - Founded as the Nigerian Management Group in 1961 as the first management institute in Nigeria, the organization was renamed the Nigerian Institute of Management in 1964 and incorporated as a non-profit company. On 19 June 2003 the National Assembly passed the Nigerian Institute of Management Establishment Act 2003, giving the NIM the formal authority to regulate the management profession in Nigeria.  NIM defines the required skills and standards for professional managers in Nigeria, and offers courses leading to diplomas in Management. Presently the institute offers graduate programmes, student scheme, professional member and corporate members. To learn more: http://www.nimportal.com/  Olawale


United Kingdom

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) - The only body in the UK to award chartered manager status, CMI is a professional institution, founded in 1947, which aims to promote and support its members' development in the industry. To gain membership, students must be studying a relevant degree at any level, and be able to demonstrate a drive to succeed in management. The CMI grants a number of certificates, diplomas and awards, including general management and leadership and coaching and mentoring awards. These are open to student members, and are the crucial first steps on the path to chartership. The Chartered Manager status is an industry-recognised qualification which has become a hallmark standard for the industry. For more information on membership, visit: www.managers.org.uk.

Institute of Directors (IoD) - Established in 1903, the IoD is a membership organisation for business leaders. It aims to guide and support individuals in the industry, from start-up entrepreneurs to established CEOs and directors of multinational companies. It has 44 branches across the UK and over 45,000 members in six continents across the world.  The IoD provides certificates and diplomas in business management and consultancy. These involve mandatory exams and a three-day development exercise and enable members to achieve their industry-recognised chartered director qualification.


United States



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