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9 Project Management Lessons from Game of Thrones

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Alok Kaushik

23 July 2016 – Mumbai, India – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to Project Management Leadership. The new resource is an article titled “9 Project Management Lessons from Game of Thrones” that provides leadership lessons and valuable wisdom, particularly for project managers.

This article was written by Rachel Burger and published at the website which is a free web service that connects buyers and sellers of business software. The website offers many articles related to project management software for varied audience.

This article would be an interesting cocktail of fun and work for anyone who is a Game of Thrones fan (who is not?) and interested in project management too. The article draws 9 project management lessons by picking situations from the TV series. The comprehensive relationship drawn with the characters allows the reader to relate to the real life situations better and the wisdom words to be digested easily. The analogies may also stimulate current project managers to think of their real time project management challenges from a different perspective.

These lessons are – Take servant leadership to heart, Learn to give good feedback, Make sure your team members share the same vision, Take company culture into account, Keep cool under pressure, Involve yourself when you delegate, Learn from your mistakes, Know what you can and can’t accomplish, Don’t use the wrong equipment.

To access this new resource, go to Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at, click on “Leadership”, scroll down to resource. Must be a registered and logged in library member to access.