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A Perspective on Strategies of Shadowmatch

New access to resource related to management psychology added to PMWL

18 January 2022 – Dallas, TX, USA – In case you missed it, new access to a very interesting previously posted resource related to organizational psychology and project management is available in the PM World Library (PMWL).  The resource titled “A Perspective on Strategies of Shadowmatch: An Evolutionary Focus Within Organization Practice” is a paper by Dr. Erik D. Schmikly that was published in the December 2018 edition of the PM World Journal.

According to the authors’ introduction:  What is Shadowmatch? Managers, HR practitioners, organizational development specialists, consultants and social science researchers who have not yet encountered this conceptual term may be puzzled. As far as can be traced, the concept Shadowmatch arose out of ideas and collaborative efforts flowing into a series of solutions sought for solving challenging problems around human performance and development centred within organization realities. The entanglement of evolving perspectives and thinking within management and social science revolved around how to create and introduce practical systems application models that allowed for an improved match between an individual’s creative talents, abilities and a job, and choice of a befitting career. Distilled job-criteria are used to match a new potential hire (referred to as the Shadow, or also visitor / employee), to the job.

The purpose of this paper is to explore some of the practises of Shadowmatch, reviewing and categorising and grouping the developments and shift in thinking into a more expanded conscious realm. Whilst evolutional transformational change is a slow process, a necessary response to an emergent dynamic shifting and evolving environment requires periodic stepping out from the entrapment of conventional linear and 3 D thinking into the multi-dimensional intuitive from which a renewed perspective and thinking is returned and reversed into transforming evolving world practice via newly articulated value adding applications within society specific time frames driven by every incoming successive generation.

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