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Analysis vs Illusions in Project Management

Fascinating and entertaining paper by Canadian project risk experts added to PM World Library in May

15 May 2015 – Calgary, AB, Canada and Dallas, TX, USA – “Analysis vs. Illusions in Project Management” is a paper by Lev Virine, Michael Trumper and Eugenia Virine of Intaver Institute in Canada that has been republished in the May edition of the PM World Journal and is now included in the PM World Library. The paper was originally published in the February 2012 edition of the PM World Today eJournal.

According to the authors’ introduction, “Structured analysis of the situation helps project managers to overcome illusions and improve their judgment. However, more likely than not, prior to making a decision people have not performed any structured analysis, or they misinterpret the results of the analysis. Complicating matters, sometimes the analysis is extremely complex and results may be incorrect. Even if the analysis is performed and is correct, often people do not realize its value. As a result, even now where we have highly trained experts with access to powerful computers, running the most advanced mathematical models, we still bear witness to the outcome of many poor quality decisions.…”

To read this fascinating and entertaining paper, go to the Lev Virine’s author showcase page in the library at and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access after 10 June 2015.