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Automated Planning and Scheduling Techniques in AI

Access to new resource related to Artificial Intelligence and Project Management added to PMWL




Resource provided by Ameena Haq

06 July 2024 – Rawalpindi, Pakistan – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Artificial Intelligence and Project Management. The new resource is titled Automated Planning and Scheduling in AI: Studying automated planning and scheduling techniques for efficient decision-making in artificial intelligence, by By Srihari Maruthi, Sarath Babu Dodda, Ramswaroop Reddy Yellu, Praveen Thuniki & Surendranadha Reddy Byrapu Reddy, and published in African Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development in 2022.

The article on Automated Planning and Scheduling in Artificial Intelligence addresses the advancements in the field of AI planning and scheduling, emphasizing the integration of intelligent systems to enhance decision-making processes. The study highlights several key findings, including the development of more sophisticated algorithms that can handle complex and dynamic environments, the incorporation of machine learning techniques to improve the adaptability and efficiency of planning systems, and the increasing application of these AI solutions across various industries.

Some techniques mentioned include classical planning, hierarchical planning, temporal planning, probabilistic planning, deterministic scheduling, stochastic scheduling, constraint-based scheduling, multi-agent scheduling, and dynamic scheduling. These systems are designed to minimize human intervention, allowing for rapid adaptation and optimization in complex scenarios like logistics, robotics, and autonomous systems, thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing errors. The research also points out the challenges that remain, such as the need for real-time responsiveness, handling uncertainty and the ability to process large volumes of data rapidly.

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