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AVRUT – Project Management and Schedule Management Platform

28 March 2016 – Ahmedabad, India – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to a project management software products. The new resource is titled “AVRUT – Project Management and Schedule Management Platform”. AVRUT is an IT company in Ahmedabad, India.

160324 - Mohan 2 -  AVRUT logoAvrut offers an enterprise wide platform designed to automate all processes related to standard architectural and engineering practices.

Project Management

The Project Management system designed at Avrut makes sure that you achieve all the project goals and objectives while honouring preconceived constraints. Avrut creates all the project information such that it can be managed from a single screen. Managing project timelines is simplified due to a variety of options. Processes like project planning, automatic updates, time estimation, data retrieval and project status can be carried out.

Task and Schedule Management

Time is Money equation stands true when it comes to managing tasks, schedules and co-ordination of entire teams and clients. Time spend on productive work makes money, maybe in terms of successful task completion or a successful client meeting; on the other hand, time taken to do clerical work like fixing up meetings, spending energy to remember scheduled meetings, assigning tasks to team members, keeping track, reporting, arranging site visits and keeping well with MOM.

To access this new resource, go to the PPM Marketplace at, click on P/PM Advisors and Consultants2 (or P/PM Software, Tools and Technology Solutions), scroll down to India and click on “AVRUT – Project Management and Schedule Management Platform”. Must be a registered and logged in member to access.

Posted by: Nitish Mohan