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Baseline change control on Agile

15 July 2015 – The latest article in a series on earned value and agile by authors associated with the College of Performance Management in the USA was published in the July edition of the PM World Journal and has now been added to the PM World Library. The article titled “Baseline change control on Agile” is by Ron Terbush of Lockheed Martin.

According to Ron’s introduction, “A common concern voiced by agile practitioners and Earned Value Management (EVM) experts alike is that, since agile content is flexible, it is not a good match with the requirements of an Earned Value System that measures completion of defined requirements and requires control of changes to the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)… The majority of agile development contracts have established goals and objectives, and the customer has an expectation that they will get a set of system capabilities or functions based on what was negotiated. Customer established objectives are expected to change over time based on knowledge, need and priority, and the goal for agile EVM is to accommodate this expected change without impacting the PMB. But any change to the PMB, which includes technical changes as well as cost & schedule, must be controlled in some fashion…”

To read this article, visit the author’s showcase in the library at and click on the title. Access is free, but one must be a registered library member and logged in to access after 10 August.