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Challenges of mega construction projects in developing countries

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Resource provided by Saya Askarova

14 July 2016 – Almaty, Kazakhstan – A new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to Major Projects and Programmes. The new resource, a research paper originally published in the Journal Organization, Technology and Management in Construction in 2013, is titled Challenges of mega construction projects in developing countries”.

Mega Construction Projects (MCPs) represent a strategic option towards achieving sustainable development objectives in developing countries. On the one hand, these projects are characterized with the need for high design knowledge and technical skills; competent human resources and managerial capabilities as well as excessive cost investment. Conversely, developing countries experience shortages of many of these requirements, which obstruct the development of (MCPs). Research aims to identify, validate, and classify the challenges of delivering (MCPs) in developing countries.

For this study, two approaches were employed, literature review and case studies, to accomplish four objectives:

•        Reviewing the nature and characteristics of developing countries and (MCPs);

•        Validating the challenges identified from Literature review through collecting and analysing 36 case studies of (MCPs) in developing countries.

•        Classifying the identified challenges into four categories: engineering challenges, human development challenges, managerial and political challenges, and sustainability challenges.

•        Outlining research conclusions and recommendations useful for delivering successful (MCPs) in developing countries.

To access this new resource, click on “General Resources for Planning Major Projects”, and scroll down to find this resource. Must be logged in professional member to access.