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Developing Group Leadership and Communication Skills for Monitoring EVM in Project Management

New Resource in the Library

G.M.G Farok and Jose A. Garcia follow up the studies on Earned Value Management (EVM) with their paper in which they enlighten the tight link between EVM, hard and soft skills, especially leadership and communication.

8 November 2015 – Milan, Italy – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL), in a new section for resources related to specific “Applications and Industries.” The new resource is a paper titled “Developing Group Leadership and Communication Skills for Monitoring EVM in Project Management”. The paper was featured in the Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. ME 45, No. 1, June 2015, Transaction of the Mechanical Engineering Division, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh.

As it is stated in the paper, “Project is an organization of people dedicated to a specific purpose or objective. Projects generally involve large, expensive, unique or high risk undertakings which have to be completed by a certain date, for a certain amount of money, within some expected level of performance.” Indeed, it is essential to build a team of people able to work and solve problems together, where project communications flow within the group in an efficient and effective way. EVM techniques, widely presented by the authors, enhance the soft skills of the group, reduce exposure to risks and improve stakeholders’ engagement.

G.M.G. Farok, works for the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority, Bangladesh and Jose A. Garcia Ryerson works for the Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. They consider EVM as a complete method that matches costs, schedule and scope, allowing project managers to assess project progress and keep expected project completion updated.

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To access this new resource, go to, scroll down and click on “Earned Value Management” to access the EVM page where you will find access to the paper. Must be a registered member to access.

Posted by: Giulia Gasparini