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e-Government projects in India

Access to information about management and financing of e-Government projects in India added to PMWL

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Ovya RK

13 December 2017 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library on the subject of e-Government Programs and Projects. The new resource is titled “Management and financing of e-Government projects in India: Does financing strategy add value?”, published on Sciencedirect by Shashank Ojha and I.M. Pandey.

In this research, the authors have made a comparison of traditional finance approach and the strategy-driven, innovative financing approaches under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model for e-government projects. This research has tried to answer the question: how do managers structure e-government projects and address challenges of risks, lack of technical expertise, and mitigation of strategic error for preventing loss of investments? The main concerns for e-Governance project managers are:

  1. How to take better investment decisions for large e-Government projects with complex and multi-dimensional risks so as to mitigate the risks of strategic error in preventing loss of investments
  2. How to improve the structuring of these projects so as to have an optimum mix of resources (including human, technical and financial) to maximize value derived from these investments, and
  3. How to access and secure continued project funding over a multiple year time-frame in an environment of increasing constraints on public resources

It also talks about underlying theories of public sector management that aim to achieve effective governance or good governance, challenges that relate to organizational transformation, process, and management. Light is thrown on the value of e-Governance project and if any alternative strategies result in different project structuring or if they actually impact the key factors which define the success (or failure) of e-Government projects. This has been analyzed with case studies which were selected based on some criteria.

The analysis of the findings confirms that the financing strategy adopted in the project was of critical importance and in addition to the additional source of project funding and technical expertise, the PPP approach had a significant impact on strategic management and the success of the projects.

To access these resources, go to the Industries and Organizations section of the PMWL at, scroll down to “PPM in Industries for Advanced Technologies”, click on e-Government Programs and Projects.  Must be registered as Free Trial, Professional or Scholar member and logged in to access.