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Earned Value and Agile

New series of articles introduced by EVM expert Ray Stratton

21 April 2015 – Dallas, USA –  How do you mesh Agile development concepts and processes with earned value management, a disciplined approach to planning and controlling projects? This is the subject of a new series of articles being published in PM World Journal. The first article in the series is by Ray Stratton, long time EVM advocate and well known in the US defense contracting community.

According to Ray in his introductory article: “Agile development approaches the task of developing software systems from a new angle. Rather than beginning with fixed requirements which remain the basis for final product delivery Agile begins with a feature list (stories) that may change over the duration of the project. The expectation is that the cost and schedule at final delivery is as planned and thus some of the final list of desired features may not be completed due to lack of time or budget… Earned Value Management (EVM) has traditionally been applied to waterfall type development with fixed scope and fixed technical requirements. EVM’s traditional strength has been in monitoring the cost and schedule performance and providing estimates at complete for the final cost and schedule when all the requirements are met. It has relied on the assumption that (1) the requirements are fixed (unless rebaselined) and (2) all requirements must be met in the final delivery.”

To read this useful paper now in the PM world Library, go to the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free, but must be a logged-in library member to access after 10 May 2015.