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Effect of Organizational Unwritten Rules on PMO Success

Authors in UAE and USA team up to share experiences with organizational culture and roadblocks to change

11 November 2014 – Dallas, USA and Abu Dhabi, UAE – Essam Mohamed Lotffy and Frank Parth are the authors of “Effect of Organizational Unwritten Rules on PMO Success”, a paper published in the November PM World Journal and now added to the PM World Library. According to the authors introduction, “Just because upper management sees the long-term benefits of a PMO does not mean that every employee sees the same benefits. Every employee, as well as every manager, interprets changes from their own personal standpoint “What does this mean to me?” If the personal benefits are not clear and obvious, there will be resistance to the change. While the resistance is personal to each employee, the group’s unwritten rules will have a significant impact on how that resistance is manifested.” To read this interesting paper, go to one of the authors’ showcase pages in the library at or and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access!