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Ethics in Project Management

New section added to the PMWL to collect resources related to ethical behavior on projects and in PM

23 June 2019 - Dallas, TX, USA - A new section has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) in order to provide resources related to ethics and ethical behavior in project management.  The section is simply titled "Ethics in Project Management" and has been added to the Applications and Hot Topics section of the PMWL.

Corruption, unethical behavior and even criminal activities are still common on projects and in project management around the world.  Such behavior can range from mistreatment of contractors and staff, to cronyism and nepotism, illegal contracting, non-compliance with laws, graft, payoffs and various financial crimes.  Most professional bodies have published ethical standards, yet unethical behavior persists.  Meanwhile, ethical behavior is a proven best practice in project management.  What's going on?

To access this section of the PMWL go to Applications and Hot Topics, scroll down to Hot Topics and click on "Ethics in Project Management."  Resources will be added going forward so please flag this section of the PMWL and check it periodically.