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Every Congressional Research Service Report

Access to US congressional research reports added to PM World Library

23 October 2016 – Washington, DC, USA – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to public information.  The resource is called

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the U.S. Congress’ think tank, and its reports are relied upon by academics, businesses, judges, policy advocates, students, librarians, journalists, and policymakers for accurate and timely analysis of important policy issues. The reports are not classified and do not contain individualized advice to any specific member of Congress. Until recently, CRS reports were generally available only to the well-connected.

Through the site, the public can access the same unbiased and unredacted research and analysis that Members of Congress read. As a resource, it is a great boon for journalists, students, and any taxpayer seeking insight on issues of public debate. The site has over 8,200 downloadable and searchable reports, and shares its code through GitHub. sorts everything into 31 subjects, and each subject has an RSS feed that will update anyone interested in following specific policy research published by the Congressional think tank. is a project of Demand Progress in collaboration with the Congressional Data Coalition — a bipartisan coalition founded by Demand Progress and the R Street Institute to promote open legislative information.

To access this unique resource, go to, click on “USA Agencies and Organizations”, then click on “Other Organizations and Information; scroll down to find resource. Must be a registered professional member to access.