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Finding the “Right Stuff” – how to recruit project controls personnel

Paper by Lisa Wolf outlines proven good practices for recruiting and preparing earned value management staff in programs and organizations

14 October 2015 – PM World Library – “Project Controls Personnel: Finding the “Right Stuff” is a paper by American earned value management expert Lisa Wolf. The paper was provided by the College of Performance Management and originally published in their quarterly newsletter The Measurable News a few months ago. It has been republished in the October edition of the PM World Journal and added to the PM World Library this month.

According to the author’s abstract, “So you want (or need) to implement Earned Value Management (EVM) in your organization? In order to do so, you need to recruit and hire the right people with the right skill set. That skill set can be formulated and expressed in many different terms including (but not limited to) personality, technical knowledge, and analytical capabilities. You post the job, receive a ton of resumes, and then you realize that you are uncertain how to discern between those who claim they know what they’re doing and those who actually can do what you need them to do. How do you pick the right people with the right skill set? This paper discusses one person’s view of the various roles in the world of EVM and how to recruit and retain the right talent.”

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To read this interesting paper, visit the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free.