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Food Banks Canada

Access to new resource related to fighting global hunger is added to the PM World Library

1 July 2018 – Ottawa, Canada – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library related to solving global hunger problems.  The resource is called “Food Banks Canada“.

Food Banks Canada is the national charitable organization representing the food bank network in Canada. While many people are aware of their local food bank, they may not know just how large the network of food banks across this country is. Food Banks Canada represents ten Provincial Associations, more than 500 affiliated food banks, and over 3,000 food agencies. Together, they serve approximately 85% of the Canadians who turn to their community food bank or food program for help. Without this network, more than a million people each year would have times where they simply couldn’t put food on the table.

Food Banks Canada offers support in a number of ways, including their own programs, large-scale food donations made through their National Food Sharing System and Retail Food Program, and financial support. They also provide support through awareness raising campaigns that increase the profile of the issue of hunger and through advocacy work that finds longer-term solutions.  This organization and network of food banks should be supported by the Canadian and international project management professional community.

To access this resource, go to, select “Reducing Famine and Hunger”, scroll down. Free access to all.