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How Millennial are you?

12 October 2015 – “How Millennial are you?” is a paper by Susan Casey that was originally presented at the 9th UT Dallas PM Symposium in the USA in August. It has been republished in the October edition of the PM World Journal and added to the PM World Library this month.

According to the author’s introduction, “There is no denying it, they are coming. The number of Millennials is on the rise and they will soon be a large part of the workforce. The Millennial generation is comprised of more than 75 million Americans born between 1981 and 2000. By 2020, people from this generation are expected to make up 46% of the (U.S.) workforce... Understanding the Millennial generation is critical to the success of any manager as the leaders of today have a responsibility to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Despite their claim of independence and self-sufficiency, Millennials can benefit from the guidance and experience of more ‘seasoned’ workers. But that knowledge transfer will only take place if today’s workers and leaders take the time to understand and build relationships with this young generation.”

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To read this very interesting paper, go to and click on the title. Access is free.