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How the Texas DPS maximized value through an EPMO

In case study from the Texas Department of Public Safety, authors describe practical implementation of enterprise project management

27 October 2014 – Dallas, TX, USA – In a unique and illuminating paper presented at the 8th Annual UT Dallas PM Symposium, Amanda Arriaga and Jessica Iselt from the Texas State Department of Public Safety described their experience implementing an enterprise PMO in a governmental agency ruled by long-standing bureaucratic police and security cultures. According to the authors, “In late 2011, the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety was challenged with lack of visibility into the Agency’s priority initiatives and wondered why those initiatives were not being completed as expected.   Some projects were facing budget and scheduling overruns, but there was no transparency into the underlying causes of these slips. Other projects were producing results but never seemed to reach the close out phase. Additionally, other important projects seemed to be in an eternal holding pattern in the concept phase, but were never able to get started. Finally, a number of in-flight projects were being cancelled, killed, or put on-hold as priorities changed. With this lack of transparency, the Director also determined there was a lack of clear ownership and accountability for the state of the various projects at TXDPS…”

To read this fascinating story, visit either Amanda’s author showcase at or Jessica’s author showcase at and click on the title of the paper. Must be a logged in library member to access!