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Human-Computer Interaction In Management Information Systems

Access to new resource related to ICT project management added to PM World Library

 Resource provided by
Venkata Srikanth Varma Datla

17 April 2018 – Rome, Italy – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library on the subject of managing ICT projects. The new resource is titled “The Role Of Human-Computer Interaction In Management Information Systems”. Resource is a paper by Jane Carey, Dennis Galletta, Jinwoo Kim, Dov Te’eni, Barbara Wildemuth & Ping Zhang, published in Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

Based on the presentations and discussions during a panel at the 2003 Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), the authors first present the rationale for incorporating HCI materials in Management Information Systems (MIS) curricula. Second, the authors present a list of relevant and important HCI knowledge and skills that students need for effective careers. Third, given the limited number of credit hours available to each MIS program, the authors explore several strategies and options for the integration of HCI into current and future MIS courses. Finally, drawing upon teaching experiences, the authors provide pedagogical suggestions for teaching HCI to undergraduate and graduate students.

To access these resources, go to the Industries and Organizations section of the PMWL at, scroll down and click on “Information and Communication Technologies”, scroll down to papers. Must be registered as Free Trial, Professional or Scholar member and logged in to access.

This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here