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Is Earned Schedule Forecasting Reliable?

Earned Scheduling creator Walt Lipke clears the air in latest paper

15 July 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – The latest paper by Walt Lipke, “Testing Earned Schedule Forecasting Reliability”, can now be found in the PM World Library. According to his abstract, “project duration forecasting using Earned Schedule (ES) has been affirmed to be better than other Earned Value Management based methods. Even so, the results from a study, employing simulation techniques, indicated there were conditions in which ES performed poorly. These results have created skepticism as to the reliability of ES forecasting. A recent paper examined the simulation study, concluding through deduction that ES forecasting is considerably better than portrayed. Researchers were challenged to examine this conclusion, by applying simulation methods. This paper uses real data for the examination, providing a compelling argument for the reliability of ES duration forecasting.” Access this and other papers on earned schedule from Walt’s author page at