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Modern Construction: Lean Project Delivery and Integrated Practices

Access to another online project management book added to PM World Library

7 January 2020 – New in the Library – Access to another online project management book has been added to the PM World Library.  The resource is the book titled “Modern Construction: Lean Project Delivery and Integrated Practices” by Lincoln H. Forbes and Syed M. Ahmed, published by CRC Press in 2011.

According to the author’s Preface: “This book was written to address a pressing need for performance improvement in the construction industry. The construction economy is a large sector of many countries; hence its performance directly influences their competitiveness. The book introduces the subject of lean construction as a methodology for improving the entire design and construction supply chain. It presents other tools and techniques for improving performance as well, and links them with lean construction as support activities, although they can enhance the performance of an individual stakeholder in the supply chain, such as a mechanical subcontractor.

At the core of the lean philosophy is the aim of “global optimization” where entire project performance is maximized, in contrast with “local optimization” where an individual stakeholder benefits, often at the expense of others. For this very reason, the book advocates an understanding of such techniques as quality management, BIM, ergonomics, and sustainable practices, but that construction professionals should use them to transition from local to global optimization as lean construction is increasingly adopted.”

To access this Book, go to, click on “Free Project Management eBooks”, scroll down to title.  Must be registered as a Free Trial, Student or Full member and logged in to access.