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More general management knowledge for project managers

New paper by Alan Stretton explores the general management planning function and related activities

23 August 2015 – New in the Library – “Management planning function and activities” is the title of Alan Stretton latest article in his “Series on general management functions and activities, and their relevance to the management of projects.” The article was published in August edition of the PM World Journal and has now been added to the PM World Library.

According to Alan’s introduction, “...the general management literature is very voluminous, and finding the sought-after materials not necessarily easy. This suggested to me that it could be useful to present an overview of basic general management materials, which might help project managers directly, and/or help guide them towards more detailed relevant materials. This is the main aim of this series… Another aim is to look in a little more detail at various ways in which the functions and component activities of general management are relevant to the management of projects. I have tended to focus on materials I found to be most relevant/useful in over sixty years of experience in both general management and project management.... “

140609-PMWL-Logo-125-01To read this new article, go to Alan’s author showcase page in the PMWL at and click on the title. Access is free.