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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Access to 140 open access journals added to PMWL

21 October 2017 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Access to a major new resource has been added to the PM World Library in the Journals and Magazines category.  The resource is titled “Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)”, a publisher of multiple open access journals that occasionally include papers about project management from many different and often unique perpectives.

MDPI is an academic open access publisher based in Basel, Switzerland.  Initially founded in 1996, MDPI has grown into a publishing house with more than 140 diverse open access journals and over 5.7 million webpage views each month. With further editorial offices in Beijing, Wuhan (China) and Barcelona (Spain), MDPI is backed by over 15,700 academic editors and scientists worldwide.

Open Access mean that readers can access published material for free, without paying a subscription charge. MDPI articles are freely available immediately after publication. This means that researchers, students, and interested lay people from anywhere in the world have rapid access to the latest research through MDPI journals. All MDPI content is distributed under a Creative Commons open access license.

MDPI finances publication through article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors and their institutions. APCs cover the cost of managing the peer review process, professional copy-editing, and promotion of published research. MDPI has no other source of income. For authors, open access means a potentially wider circle of readers for their research papers, with some research suggesting that open access papers are more highly cited.

MDPI continuously launches new journals in response to academic developments, and to be able to serve additional research communities and their needs.

To access this resource, go to the Journals and Magazines section of the PMWL at, click on Other Resources under Free Access and scroll down to MDPI.  Free access but must be registered and logged-in.