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NASA Knowledge Inventory

Access to NASA library of articles, case studies and other PM related documents and reports added to PMWL

10 September 2021 – Washington, DC, USA – New access to a valuable set of resources related to program and project management has been added to the PM World Library.  The resource is titled “NASA Knowledge Inventory” and is NASA’s digital repository of policies, procedures, articles, case studies, lessons learned and other knowledge and information.

During more than 60 years of achievements at the boundaries of engineering and science, NASA has collected a wealth of information that can help the technical workforce continue to excel. As NASA charts the course from the Moon to Mars, APPEL Knowledge Services has developed this Knowledge Inventory to provide quick, easy access to a growing collection of valuable information, with case studies, lessons learned, expert videos, knowledge networks and more.

To access this report, go to, click on “USA Agencies and Organizations”, proceed to “US Federal Government Organizations” and click on “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”; scroll down to resource.  Must be a trial or full member and logged-in to access. If not registered, try the FREE TRIAL membership for 30 days.