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Not by Accident: Revisiting Quality

Prof Darren Dalcher in UK introduces article by Quality expert Ron Basu with challenges for the project management profession

14 April 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – “Not by accident: Revisiting quality management” is the title of Darren Dalcher’s latest article, his introduction to a new advances in project management series article by Ron Basu, published in the PM World Journal and now found in the PM World Library. According to Darren in this article, “Quality is not simply an exit activity concerned with conformance. It is a deeper and more significant way of doing, inventing, creating, establishing and manufacturing. The continuing prevalence of failures in projects, products and services points to a more fundamental need to consider the broader dimensions of quality, as well as the implications of failure… This month’s article by Dr. Ron Basu attempts to re-focus attention around the idea of the cost of quality. The cost of quality is linked to the cost of control and the cost of failure and the balance and interactions between them…”

To read this new article by the director of the Centre for Project Management at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, visit and click on the title. Access is free, but must be a logged in library member to access after 10 May 2015.