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On the importance of context

New access to Dalcher article related to project contexts added to PMWL

26 December 2020 – Dallas, TX, USA – In case you missed it, new access to a useful previously published resource related to project contexts is available in the PM World Library (PMWL).  The resource titled “On the importance of context: Why situational awareness remains an essential focus” is an Advances in Project Management article by Prof Darren Dalcher that was published in the December 2016 edition of the PM World Journal.

According to the author: “Do project management approaches and indeed the wider profession take any account of project context?.. if every project is unique with its own special context, and if every project is likely to involve people who will need to interact with the social situation, one would expect to find a variety of models and approaches that can take account of such diversity. In reality, it is difficult to find relevant explicit guidance that can be tailored to a specific context… Taking into account considerations related to context and specific situations requires a new way of conceiving and viewing projects and their management. It also requires fresh ways of thinking about project practice…”

To read this enlightening article, visit the Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at, scroll down and click on “Contexts in Projects and Project Management”. Scroll down to articles. Registration is required to access; to see who has free access, visit