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PMO Global Alliance

17 April 2019 – Dallas, TX, USA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Access to a major new professional resource related to the P/PM profession has been added to the PM World Library.  The PMO Global Alliance, founded in 2014, is the first global community exclusively focused on Project Management Offices (PMOs). It was created by Brazilian PMO Leaders who wanted to exchange experience and knowledge in order to achieve better results in their PMOs.

Members are PMO leaders, PMO members, Executives, Consultants, Teachers, Students, Project Managers, among others who share experience and knowledge, contributing to the development of the PMO worldwide community. Their mission is to support the professional development of members through mutual support, networking, advanced research, and an intensive exchange of experiences.

To access this resource, go to the P/PM Profession section of the PMWL at, click on “P/PM Organizations”, then on Global P/PM Organizations”, scroll down.  Must be a logged in trial or professional member to access!