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PMSA 2014 National Conference – Johannesburg

PMSA Biennial national project management conference in September added to library Events Calendar

7 August 2014 - Dallas, London, Sydney - In 2014, Project Management South Africa (PMSA) celebrates the professional practice of project management and its relevance on the African continent, acknowledging the determination, innovation and creativity applied to overcoming some of the challenges associated with achieving project success in Africa. Through its Biennial Conference, PMSA aims to explore the nature of projects in Africa and what it takes to achieve success.  PMSA will hold its biennial national conference during 29 September - October 1, 2014 in Johannesburg.  To learn more, go to the P/PM Profession page in the library at, click on "Global P/PM Events Calendar", scroll down to September 2014 and click on the PMSA conference.