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Professional Associations – Communication

Access to new professional resources added to PM World Library

21 June 2018 – Dallas, London, Sydney – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) on the subject of professional management organizations. The resource is titled is “Professional Associations - Communication" and consists of a new page in the PMWL will access to several dozen professional associations related to communication.

There are many professional associations and organizations around the world that focus on specific topics that are indirectly related to program/project management, aspects of P/PM that must be planned and managed for any large project.  A good example is Communication.

Effective communication is one of the most critical activities of project managers and project management practitioners at all levels.  Communication, however, is a broad topic and includes personal communication, team and organizational communications, communication professionals and various communication-based industries.  Much has been published in recent years related to communication in the project management field, and resources are available on this topic from most project management professional organizations.  However, much more is available from professional communication associations and societies.  Access to a few that might be useful for specific projects and situations is now provided in the PMWL.

To access these resources, go to the P/PM Profession Resources section of the PMWL at, click on “Other Professions”, scroll down and click on Communication.  Free access, but must be registered and logged in.