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Project Management and Emergency Management

New paper draws lessons from emergency management for project managers to deal with ‘maximum of maximums’ situations

26 September 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – “Project Management and Emergency Management: Dealing with Changes in a Changing Environmentis the title of a new paper by Costanza Galastri and Blanche Mitchell added to the PM World Library in September. According to the authors, “Project management allows organizations to manage change and incorporate emerging needs and requirements while seamlessly providing critical services to stakeholders. Effective project management requires project managers to anticipate issues and plan for “things to go wrong” while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency. Similarly, emergency response requires response agencies and organizations to act effectively and efficiently during and/or immediately following a disaster. In the U.S., emergency response agencies have a long history of managing changing environments. In recent years, the emergency management community has begun shifting its focus to preparedness capacities needed to respond to ‘maximum of maximums’ scenarios. These planning scenarios are meant to critically stress assets, plans, and procedures at all levels of government and go beyond the capabilities of government solutions. The same process does not exist, yet, in project management. This analysis represents a first attempt to identify emergency management practices that can assist project managers in coping with a ‘maximum of maximums’ scenario during project execution.”

To read the paper, go to either of the authors’ showcase pages in the library at or and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access!