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Project Management Report from Istanbul

New International Correspondent publishes first report about project management today in Turkey

6 February 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – İpek Sahra Özgüler, a practicing project management professional based in Istanbul, was named an International Correspondent for PM World in December 2014. Her first report about project management in her country has been published in the PM World Journal and added to the PM World Library.

According to Ipek’s introduction: “In this first report, I want to share brief information of nonprofit organizations and their structure. Which nonprofit organizations are existing in Turkey? What did they achieve in the previous year? What will they plan to do in the next year? Then, I want to share the real experiences in project management through interviews… My first guest is Ahmet Taspinar, who has over 40 years of experience in petrochemical and energy projects, and in management information systems development… My second guest is Ismail Mehmet Yeyinmen. He has worked as an industrial entrepreneur involved either as consultant, advisor and/or founder CEO of many industrial establishments in Turkey… My last guest is Sertug Yılmaz, a young professional. He works as project manager in the aviation sector.”

To read this great report about project management in Turkey, go to Ipek’s author showcase at and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access after 10 March 2015.