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Project Managers’ Emotional Intelligence – A Ticket to Success

Access to new resource related to emotional intelligence in project management added to PMWL

Resource provided by Marina Benedet

9 February 2019 – Cergy, France – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Emotional Intelligence in Project Management. The new resource is titled “Project Managers’ Emotional Intelligence – A Ticket to Success”, a paper by Vladimir Obradovic, Petar Jovanovic, Dejan Petrovic, Marko Mihic, and Zorica Mitrovic, published by in 2013 and now available from ResearchGate online.

The purpose of this research is to show the positive correlation between project managers’ emotional intelligence and their professional success. The results are important to both project managers who wish to improve their performance and success rate and organizations in their human resource policy. Firstly, project managers should be aware of the concept, their level and way of improving different dimensions of emotional intelligence. Further, the human resource management departments of project oriented organizations should consider concept of emotional intelligence when recruiting staff to the position of project managers but also when deciding on human resources development programs.

To access this new resource, go to the Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at click on “Emotional Intelligence in Project Management”, scroll down to papers. Must be a registered member and logged-in to access.

This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here