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Reaching the Tough Crowd during Change

American change expert offers advice to leaders of internal change projects

22 April 2015 – Dallas, London, Sydney – A. J. Holley, Director of Change Management and Learning at Changepoint, has authored an interesting and useful article in the April edition of the PM World Journal. His article titled “Reaching the Tough Crown during Change”, can now be accessed in the PM World Library

According to Mr. Holley in this new article: “The tough crowd—you know them. They’re almost everywhere we turn—at home, school, work, sporting events, or even volunteer groups. In change initiatives, it’s even tougher to influence these individuals to be part of a solution. We usually choose avoidance… Have you ever stopped to think of the costs incurred when a major project is stalled due to behavior of internal critics, those feeling victimized by change, or others politically motivated to somehow sabotage progress?”

To read this useful paper now in the PM world Library, go to the author’s showcase at and click on the title. Access is free, but must be a logged-in library member to access after 10 May 2015.