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Scheduling Ethics: Recognizing Gaming, Data Manipulation and Abuse in Project Schedules

University of Maryland paper by Walter Majerowicz now available in PM World Library

8 August 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – According to author Walter Majerowicz, project teams face numerous schedule challenges and risks including: late part deliveries, unrealistic baselines, insufficient reserves/margins, inadequate resources, technical complexity, vague requirements, poor performance, and unanticipated changes. Unethical project scheduling practices can also pose a challenge to project success. Often, the pressure from customers, senior management and other stakeholders to stay on track and finish on time can foster an atmosphere in which gaming, manipulating or abusing the project schedule occurs to distort the schedule plan or hide performance problems. The paper by Mr. Majerowicz, originally presented at the 1st University of Maryland Project Management Symposium in June 2014 and republished in the August PM World Journal is now available in the PM World Library. To access this important paper, visit Walter’s author showcase at and click on the paper title. Must be a registered library member to access.