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Successful New Product Development

New case study by Mike Venter describes a recent IT project with some entertaining lessons learned and useful rules of thumb

13 November 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – “Successful New Product Development: Good Development Team mixed with Project Management, add some (not so) Common Sense and Stir” is the title to a paper authored by Mike Venter, presented at the 8th UT Dallas Project Management Symposium in August and republished in the November PM World Journal. That paper was added to the PM World Library this month.

According to the first paragraph of the abstract: “We were rushing deliveries to an important client in time for his financial year-end. Approximately 25% of the deliveries were late and incurred penalties. It was an unexpected outcome for our world-class team that has been developing similar modules, products and systems for many years. With over 30% of profits lost in penalties, a detailed post-mortem process identified the problem with our previously successful recipe for new product development.”

To read this very interesting paper, go to the author’s showcase page in the library at and click on the title. Must be a logged in library member to access!