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Systems Assurance Management in Railway Projects

Access to new resource related to project management in rail transport industries added to PM World Library

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Rajamahender Rapelly

27 February 2018 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library on the subject of project management in Rail Transport Industries. The new resource is titled “Systems Assurance Management in Railway through the Project Life Cycle'', published on the website of American Public Transport Association.

Railway Transportation is one of the most used and cheapest, safe and convenient means of transportation and one of the important enablers of economic progress. It mobilizes both people and goods. In such transportation systems, safety and reliability are the two of the most important factors to be considered during the planning, constructing and modification of any railway project. Railway Authorities consider these factors as they are modifying assurance management systems according to the standards and guidelines to fit their country’s culture, environment and transit system.

Systems Assurance Management systems provide a framework to be followed by railway authorities during the design, construction and modifying phase of any railway project. The same has to be followed by contractors to ensure the systems are installed and work in a safe and reliable way. The required departments should also be involved and meet regularly.

As this system is very vital, it should be implemented from the beginning of the project lifecycle to achieve the best results. As projects progress it becomes more difficult to implement an assurance system if the design changes. Assurance management provides the guidelines to manage Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS). It helps an agency to ensure that the products and services offered to the public are safe and reliable. It also helps to achieve the performance levels of the products and services as expected by the stakeholders.

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