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The Journey of an Agile Leadership Team

Access to new resource related to Agile, Teamwork and Leadership added to PMWL

Resource provided by Ravalika Gopireddy

20 June 2019 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to Teamwork and Team Leadership. The new resource is titled “The Journey of an Agile Leadership Team an experience reported by Nienke Alma, a people oriented Agile enthusiast.

This report follows the Journey of a POCLAC (Product Owner, Chapter Lead, Agile Coach) team at ING, Netherlands which introduced a new way of agile working in 2015. It is narrated from an agile coach perspective and is full of challenges, learnings about Leadership approach in Agile context. The learnings or practices in this report may not be applicable in every context, however this will give us more insights.

In an Agile organization, a POCLAC is a special coalition of Product Owner, Chapter Lead, Agile Coach to facilitate knowledge and share insights for one objective – to help the squads to perform even better. POCLAC meeting is a perfect way to challenge each other’s views and allign the interests as per the common shared goal. This report shows how these three roles strengthened their relationship and became an effective agile leadership team in their journey.

This experience tells us that agile coach has to consider the evaluation of performance of the squads and the POCLAC and discusses the consequences of not considering. It also shows how the squads perception on the POCLAC team changed as the years grew and how they consciously worked through reorganization, growth and changes to make their squads more autonomous.

To access this new resource, go to the Applications and Hot topics section of the library at click on either “Agile PM” or “Teamwork and Team Leadership”, scroll down to articles. Must be a registered member and logged-in to access.

This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here