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The leadership imperative

New access to Dalcher article related to project leadership added to PMWL

16 October 2020 – Dallas, TX, USA – In case you missed it, new access to a useful previously published resource related to project leadership is available in the PM World Library (PMWL).  The resource titled “The leadership imperative and the essence of followership” is an Advances in Project Management article by Prof Darren Dalcher that was published in the October 2018 edition of the PM World Journal.

According to the author’s introduction:  Many conversations about improvement, enhancement, governance, progress and the future inevitably resort to addressing leadership issues. Leadership is increasingly viewed as an essential life skill, a practical ability to guide other individuals, a team, an organisation, or even a country, towards a better future, an improved position or a defined outcome. But where do we find examples of great leaders? Traditionally, archetypal samples would emerge from either the political or the business arena, but in recent years both have been found wanting. Yet, as we face ever more complex and uncertain dilemmas and increasingly vexing wicked problems, there appears to be a greater need to identify and follow strong and powerful leaders.

To read this enlightening article, visit the Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at, scroll down and click on “Leadership in Project Management”. Scroll down to resource. Registration is required to access; to see who has free access, visit