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The Secret of our Success from PMI Santa Cruz Bolivia

How does the PMI Santa Cruz chapter attract so many enthusiastic volunteers?

10 April 2015 – Rocio Zelada, current president of the PMI Santa Cruz Chapter and an International Correspondent for PM World in Bolivia, has provided a fun and interesting report full of quotations and testimonials from her fellow volunteers. Her April report in the PM World Journal has been added to the PM World Library.

According to Rocio’s introduction, “People who visit us from outside of the country and participate with us in any event, always ask us what we do to have so many volunteers that are so committed. That is a very interesting question because if we can answer it then perhaps we can get a list of our chapter´s features that can serve as reference to other chapters of the region and the world to strengthen their teams of volunteers. In this report I will try to do just that, a compilation of motivational factors and success of our volunteers. To do so I asked the Board members and volunteers to help me with their opinions.”

To read her interesting report, visit Rocio’s author showcase in the library at and click on her April report. Access is free, but one must be a registered library member and logged in to access after May 10th.