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When plastics fill our oceans

Access to new resource related to solving global problems added to PMWL

Resource provided by Sagar Gogate

2 August 2019 – Mumbai, India – Access to a new resource has been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) related to ocean restoration and protection. The new resource, titled “When plastics fill our oceans” was published in European Environment Agency newsletter in March 2015 and is authored by Constança Belchior. She works on marine assessments and impacts of marine litter at the European Environment Agency. The report deals with plastic pollution in the oceans and the measures taken by European Union to tackle it.

The report starts by defining what is marine litter and what are its sources. Marine litter has ill effects not only on environment but also on animals. The report explains how plastic in different forms can harm marine ecosystem and have significant economic impact on communities.

Author further moves on to quantify the amount of marine litter in the oceans. She sites her experience during sailing across the northeast Atlantic where she found plastics along with small marine organisms every single time. Author later in the report suggests some ways to handle marine litter. Since there is no way of deciding the responsibility for cleaning marine litter, the issue largely remains unaddressed. European Union is trying to address this issue through Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Author also mentions some of the directives of this legislation.

To access this new resource, go to the “Solving Global Problems” section of the library at click on “Ocean Restoration & Protection”, scroll down to resource. Free access, but please consider registering for the Free Trial membership.

This new resource provided through the PMWL university research internship program; to learn more, click here