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Why culture really matters

New access to great article on culture and change management in project organizations added to PMWL

5 June 2021 – Dallas, TX, USA – In case you missed it, new access to an excellent previously published article related to cultural intelligence is available in the PM World Library (PMWL).  The resource is an article titled “Why culture really matters: The hidden perils of acculturation” authored by Prof Darren Dalcher that was published in the PM World Journal in January 2018.

According to author’s introduction: “According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, acculturation is defined as the cultural modification of an individual, group, or people by adapting to or borrowing traits from another culture. The phenomenon refers to the cultural change that stems from intentional blending between cultures, which aims to alter a pre-existing perspective, approach or way of thinking and replace it with a preferred, and more highly valued alternative response pattern.”

To read this very interesting article, visit the Applications and Hot Topics section of the library at, scroll down to Advanced Topics and click on either “Change Management” or “Cultural Intelligence”. Scroll down to find the resource. Registration is required to access; to see who has free access, visit