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P/PM in Healthcare

The resources below may be of interest or use to those involved with programs and projects related to healthcare, hospitals and medical services.  More resources will be added as they are identified, so please check back.







Medical Services



Papers, Reports and Studies

Open source challenges for hospital information system (HIS) in developing countries: a pilot project in Mali - A study conducted by Bagayoko et al. with an aim to understand the potential of the use of Open Source tools (software packages in the field of health) for developing countries (especially in French Speaking African Nations). The research was conducted at the Centre Hospitalier Mere Enfant in Mali. See full paper at http://bmcmedinformdecismak.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1472-6947-10-22

Electronic Healthcare Maturity Model: A White Paper - White paper written by Balaji Sharma, Head, Healthcare Practice, Quintegra Solutions. The paper proposes a 7-level maturity model entitled Electronic Healthcare Maturity Model (eHMM) to exhibit the manner in which healthcare processes can reach maturity up to a national level. Read the paper at http://www.quintegrasolutions.com/eHMM%20White%20Paper.pdf

Causes Of Failure In Healthcare IT Projects The new resource is a research paper written by Mohamed Abouzahra and published in International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research (IPEDR) journal. This study compared the causes of failure in healthcare IT projects with those of other types of projects. It was conducted by examining the causes of failure for 52 healthcare IT projects in Saudi Arabia between 2007 and 2011 in some of the largest hospitals there. Read paper at http://www.ipedr.com/vol19/9-ICAMS2011-A00018.pdf

Project management in medical publication writing – A March 2016 paper in Medical Writing by Prashant Auti, Rishabh Pandey, Vatsal Shah, published by the European Medical Writers Association. Medical writing is a key function in pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations that work on scientific publications and regulatory dossiers. Medical publication writing deals with scientific publications such as manuscripts, abstracts, presentations, and posters. The authors provide insight into end-to-end management of publication writing (PW) projects.  To read paper, click here.  (Ovya RK)


Other Resources

Medical cost trend: Behind the Numbers 2020 - a report from PwC’s Health Research Institute which projects that 2020 medical costs will be up slightly from the past two years. Medical cost trend is the projected percentage increase in the cost to treat patients from one year to the next, assuming that benefits remain the same. This report estimates the projected increase in per capita costs of medical services and prescription medicine that affect commercial insurers’ large group plans and large, self-insured businesses. To learn more, go to https://www.pwc.com/us/en/industries/health-industries/library/behind-the-numbers.html (Gollakota)


More Coming Soon

This section of the library is a work in progress.  If you know of good resources to add here, please let us know.  If you are a student and might like to help, consider our research internship.  Click here for information or contact help@pmworldlibrary.net


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